The College makes extraordinary efforts in all round development of students by extending them support at all possible levels. The Grievances Redressal Cell and the Cell for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Girls Students and Women Staff Members have in-built mechanism to address the issues. Cultural activities for students provide grounds for development of hidden talents.

The College has developed a unique and novel mechanism for decentralization of powers and functions by promoting participation of all the staff, students and other stakeholders on various administrative and executive bodies. This is a unique system implemented by the College which is not followed by any other educational system. The College has well-defined organizational structure with IQAC as the apex body for planning and formulation of policies and twenty eight committees for execution of the planned activities. This system has helped the College for achieving excellence in quality keeping in view the core value of education through optimum utilization of its infra structure, financial and human resources.

Short term certificate courses are conducted for proficiency development of students and orient them in their future chosen professions.

The College has in-built mechanism to monitor Teaching-Learning-Evaluation processes. Transparency is maintained at every stage in formulating and executing the planned activities. Efforts are taken to ensure social justice and equity by providing Remedial Teaching to students from backward classes and providing special facilities to differently able students. Efforts are taken for computer literacy of students. ICT resources are exploited to optimum value.

The College makes conscious efforts in inculcating scientific temperament among staff and students. Research activities form part of the system. One staff members is approved guide for M. Phil and Ph.D. degree and sixty percent of the staff members are actively involved in research and 13 have completed minor research projects. The Management Council and the Local Managing Committee encourage staff members to excel in research. A significant number of students also take part in research activities.

Extension activities have been remarkable in community and national development. Through its NSS programs and other Committees the College has left indelible impression in community development. Time and again the College has collaborated with Governmental and NGOs for implementing various social activities.

Quality enhancement and sustenance is a continuous process. Staff members are given encouragment to adopt with new technologies and acquire higher qualifications. Staff members have also participated in large number of national/state level seminars, conferences, workshops and refresher courses for their professional development and to keep abreast with the recent advances.

In all pursuit of the stated objectives of institute and UGC, ‘student-centerdness and all inclusiveness’ play the decisive role. The involvement of students in discussion and decision making process is a crucial factor. On our part we were able to accomplish this purpose to some greater extent through the Student Council and all the stakeholders.