Name                                        Qualification               Designation

Durga Suhas Raykar              B.A. MLISC, SET,NET   Asst. Professor

Shivaji Mukinda  Borhude   S.S.C,MS-CIT                  Peon

Rajendra Ramesh Nagul       B.Com.                            Peon

Library Details

  1. Total Area of the Library: 100 square meters
  2. Total Seating Capacity: 1. In periodical section: 40                                  2. Girls‟ Section: 30
  3. Additional Space: During examination period three class rooms are kept open for students to be used as reading rooms.
  4. Number of Computers: 1. For Internet Connectivity: 4
  5. For e-books and journals: 163. For Library Staff: 01
  6. New Arrivals: Display rack
  7. Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation)
  8. On working days: 8.15 am to 4.30 pm
  9. On Holidays: 9.00 am to 12.00 Noon
  10. During Examination Period: 8.15 am to 5.30 pm and Reading Room till 6.00 pm

Layout of the library (individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing e-resources):

  • OPAC: On-line public access catalog search facility is available.
  • Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals: INFLIBNET access to students and staff is available.
·  Total number of computers for public access : 20 PC’s
·  Total numbers of printers for public access : 02

Library Committee :-

The library Committee is formed as per the guidelines of the Maharashtra University Act 1994.The Principal is the Chairman, and the librarian is the secretary and all the Heads of the departments are the members of the committee. The committee meets twice a year to take certain decisions regarding all the matters, management and administration of the library.