Department of Chemistry

Year of Establishment : 2008

Names of Courses offered : B.Sc. Chemistry


Name                                                    Qualification             Designation

Prof. Namdeo Magan Walhekar       M.Sc. NET                Asst.Professor

Prof. Archana Bhaskar Zaware        M.Sc.                            Asst.Professor

Prof. Shital Ashok Thorat                     M.Sc.                           Asst.Professor

Prof. Shivaji Madhukar Yenare          M.Sc.                           Asst.Professor

List of eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors to the department
i) Dr. D.D. Dhawale, head, Dept. of Chemistry, University of pune, pune.
ii)Dr. D.R. Thube, Head , Dept. of Chemistry, Arts Com and Science,Parner.
iii)Dr. Ghule, Aurangabad University.
iv) Dr. Haram, Dept. of Chemistry, University of pune, pune.
v) Dr. Gawai, Dept. of Chemistry, University of pune, pune.
vi) Dr. Anirbhan hazra, IISER, Pune.

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized and the source of funding State Level : 1

Details on student enrichment programs with external experts :
 Special lectures ,  Seminar

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
a. Lecture points b. Use of audio-visual aids
c. Demonstration d. Practicals