Department of Physics

Year of Establishment : 2008

Names of Courses offered : B.Sc. Physics


Name                                              Qualification         Designation

Prof. Sanjay Baban Gaikwad      M.Sc. B.Ed.           Asst.Professor

Prof. Shilpa Shantaram Date      M.Sc.                       Asst.Professor

Prof. Vidya Ananda Thube          M.Sc.                       Asst.Professor



List of senior visiting faculty
a) Dr. Patil S. I.- Head,Department of physics. University of Pune
b) Dr. Adsul Arun -Baramati College.
c) Dr.Iyyer S.B.- Head, Dept. of Physics, Ahmednagar College,Ahmednagar.
d) Dr. More P. D.- Dept. of Physics, College,Ahmednagar.
e) Dr.Kadam S.L.-Dept. of Physics, N.A.C.& S College, Parner
f) Asso. Professor Dhavale V.P.-Dept. of Physics , N.A.C.& S. College, parner
g) Prof. Dhas V.K.- Head, Dept. of Physics, N.A.C.& S College, Ahmednagar
h) Prof. Gangerde -Dept. of Physics,N.A.C.& S College, Ahmednagar
i)Dr Nighut - Dept. of Physics,N.A.C.& S College, Shevgaon, Ahmednagar.

Details on student enrichment programs with external experts :
 Special lectures , Seminar

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
a. Lecture points b. Use of audio-visual aids
c. Demonstration d. Practicals