Department of Zoology

Year of Establishment : 2008

Names of Courses offered : B.Sc. Zoology


Name                                                      Qualification                           Designation

Dr. Laxman Shridhar Matkar         M.Sc.,Ph.D.,L.L.B.,D.Sc.

Dr. Vaishali Madhav Gangotri       M.Sc.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,F.I.A.A.B   Asst.Professor     

Prof. Samir Dadabhau Dalavi        M.Sc.                                                Asst.Professor

List of senior visiting faculty:-
a) Dr. D.B.Mhaske.(Pricipal,Shrirampur, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.)
b) Dr. Patil ( V.P.College,Baramati, University of Pune)
c) Dr. Adsul Arun ( Baramati College.)
d) Dr.Matkar L.M. ( Prncipal,NAC&Sci . College ,Shevgoan, Dist-Ahmednagar.)
e) Dr. S.M.Kurhade (Dept. of Zoology,NACSCollege, Ahmednagar.)
f) Dr.Khadagale ( Dept. of Zoology, Ramkrishna More college, Pune.)
i) Asso. Prof. Wagh S ( Dept. of Zoology,NAC&Sci College, parner)
j) Prof. Dr.Pawar S.N. ( Head of Dept, Mahila colloge, Ahmednagar)
k) Dr.Inamdar (Dept. of Zoology, Abeda Inamdar College,Pune)


a) Lecture method is supplemented with study tour, students seminars.Students of Zoology visited to Vadgoan- savtal in2013-14 as a short tour, in feb. dep. Organized long trip at Ooti-Mysoor.During academic year-2014 (2nd Oct) , Students visited Shivneri &Ganeshkhind.
b)Faculty members qualified MS-CIT Exam, used power-point presentation,internet.,Charts.

Details on student enrichment programs with external experts :
 Special lectures ,  Seminar

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
a. Lecture points b. Use of audio-visual aids
c. Demonstration d. Practicals